API Documentation

pywwt Package


Annotation([parent]) Base class for annotations which provides some settings common to all shapes.
BaseWWTWidget(**kwargs) The core class in common to the Qt and Jupyter widgets.
Circle([parent]) A circular annotation.
Line([parent]) A line annotation.
Polygon([parent]) A polygon annotation.

pywwt.jupyter Module


WWTJupyterWidget() A WorldWide Telescope Jupyter widget.

pywwt.qt Module


WWTQtClient([block_until_ready, size]) A client to create and drive the Qt widget.

pywwt.windows Package


convert_xyz_to_spherical(x, y, z[, …]) Convert rectangular coordinates (x,y,z) to spherical coordinates (Lat, Lon, Alt) or (RA, Dec, Alt).
generate_utc_times(num_steps, step_size[, …]) Generate a series of equally linearly spaced times in UTC.
map_array_to_colors(arr, cmap[, scale, …]) Map a NumPy array to a colormap using Matplotlib.
write_data_to_csv(data, filename[, mode]) Write a dataset to a CSV-formatted file with a data header.


WWTLayer(name, id, fields, wwt) A WWTLayer object corresponding to a layer in WWT’s Layer Manager.
WWTWindowsClient([host]) Initialize a WWTWindowsClient, connecting to a WWT client.