class pywwt.jupyter.WWTJupyterWidget(**kwargs: Any)[source]

Bases: DOMWidget, BaseWWTWidget

An AAS WorldWide Telescope Jupyter widget.

hide_all_chromeoptional bool

Configures the WWT frontend to hide all user-interface “chrome”.

app_urloptional str

The URL from which to load the WWT “research app” web application. By default, this points to a copy of the application bundled with pywwt and made available through the WWT Kernel Data Relay system. If you know that your Jupyter notebook server definitely has pywwt installed as a server extension, you can specify "/wwtstatic/research/" here to get a version loaded directly from the server, which will be somewhat more reliable if you’re doing tricky things with widgets and restarting your kernels a lot. You can also specify an absolute URL, such as "https://web.wwtassets.org/research/latest/", which is the canonical location for the WWT-hosted version of the app — although at the moment we can’t think of any good reason to use it here. If the URL given here does not contain a protocol (https://...), it will be combined with the Jupyter server’s “base URL”.

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