Connect to a WWT application running inside a JupyterLab computational environment. This is your preferred gateway to using WWT in JupyterLab.

For the time being, you must have opened the WorldWide Telescope app inside JupyterLab. You can do this by clicking the large WWT icon in the JupyterLab launcher, or by invoking the “WorldWide Telescope” command. You can open the JupyterLab command palette by typing Control/Command-Shift-C.

The traditional way to use WWT in a JupyterLab notebook is with the following commands in their own cell:

from pywwt.jupyter import connect_to_app
wwt = await connect_to_app().becomes_ready()

Once you have this wwt variable, you can control WWT using all of the commands defined on the WWTLabApplication class.


A connection to the WWT application running in JupyterLab.