WWT’s Jupyter widget

While we recommend combining WWT with JupyterLab using the “research app”, pywwt also provides a traditional Jupyter widget that can be embedded directly in your Python notebooks.

You can create the WWT widget with the following code:

In [1]: from pywwt.jupyter import WWTJupyterWidget

In [2]: wwt = WWTJupyterWidget()
   ...: wwt

This will then look like:


Once the WorldWide Telescope widget is visible, you can start to interact with the wwt object in the next cell of the notebook. You can find out more about interacting with this object in Basic controls and Showing annotations. See also the API documentation of the WWTJupyterWidget class.


If the widget appears with a vertical scrollbar, you can remove it and show the whole viewer at once by clicking on the left side of the cell that holds the widget.