pywwt: WorldWide Telescope from Python


WorldWide Telescope is a free and powerful viewer developed by the American Astronomical Society than can display astronomical and planetary data. The two main versions of WorldWide Telescope are a web client, which works across all platforms, and a Windows desktop application. WorldWide Telescope is designed to be useful to a wide audience, including researchers, educators, and the general public.

The pywwt package aims to make it easy to use WorldWide Telescope from Python, and includes the following:

  • A Jupyter notebook/lab widget
  • A standalone Qt viewer/widget
  • A client for the Windows version of WorldWide Telescope

This package is still under development and the functionality will be expanded over the coming weeks/months. Please do let us know if you try it out and run into any issues (see Getting help).

Quick start

If you want to try out the WorldWide Telescope Jupyter widget without installing anything locally, you can do so by viewing an example Jupyter notebook online at

Getting help

If you run into any issues when using pywwt, please open an issue here.


This work is funded through the American Astronomical Society WorldWide Telescope project.